Psychic Readings By Dee

At the age of three, my mother realized that I had a "gift".  I have been been reading since age 14 and I have been professionally reading since 1970.

 In the 1980's I was involved in describing a snake tattoo on a kidnapper's arm, the Kate Beers case, and many others. I was also involved with parents of adopted children with accurate formation that helped in several reunions.  

I have been mentored by one of the best psychics that ever lived on Long Island, Mary Celenti.  Mary taught me to accept and respect my "gift".  

My psychic readings will answer your questions, to the best of my ability.  My clients tell me that I am 95% accurate; no one can be 100% accurate all the time.  

I do not do spells or remove them, and I do not charge by the minute.  I have had a lot of the same clients for many years.  

If you would like a reading, please contact me using the form on the Contact Me page. 

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